Mobile Friendly Websites

By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on earth than people. Mobile devices are browsed while people commute, travel - even at home in bed. The mobile-friendly website format is quickly becoming an industry standard. Contact us today to learn more about how a mobile-friendly (responsive) website can serve your needs.Take a demo tour of the St. Anthony mobile website.

Manage your Website Content
Change your website content on a daily basis. It's so easy & quick!!

Add an interface to your website, which will allow you to easily alter written content - without any prior web developer experience.

It's as simple as editing a Word Document. Change content & Photos. Upload documents.
  • Set content expiry dates
  • Add unlimited content
  • Post photos & documents
  • One time flat fee
Take a guided tour to learn how this feature works.

Promotional Setup Rate:
*See Terms and Conditions
Create a new Online Store
Sell any product you can imagine within your new online store. We install, configure and automate the complete store (billing, tax tables, all credit card processing, etc). You enter only the product descriptions, photos and prices (via a friendly and secure "online user-interface"). You can offer global customers the option to shop in many world currencies. The online store sends you email alerts for each new sale (including detailed customer shipping information). [More details]

Online Store - Market products Globally

An online store creates a huge advantage, by allowing your product to be sold globally.

Email market campaigns allow you to create promotional coupon codes, which can be redeemed within your online store. Global customers can shop within the currency option of their choice. Your store will be customized to the graphical themes of your organization, with a customized banner. Your store can be divided into unlimited product categories. You will have permanent control to add, remove or modify any product, at any time.

Our services provide you with an online store with the following attributes fully configured and installed for you:

  • Credit Card processing (PAYPAL, Visa, Mastercard)
  • Tax rate table setup (taxes charge automation)
  • Global currency shopping allows worldwide market
  • Store allows attributes, such as sizes, colours, etc
  • Automated emails to inform you of every sale and payment
  • Graphical theme is customized to the image of your organization
  • Create redeemable coupon codes to be promoted via advertising

Your own participation will be needed for the following continuous setup:

  • Post multiple photos of your products
  • Post unlimited product description each product
  • Maintain pricing for each product

You will receive automated emails advising you of the details and status of each sale (including customer shipping information). All you have to do is package and deliver the product as specified in each of these emails. When you enter the online store administration panel to update a "shipped" status, your customer is automatically alerted, via a formatted email. The online store does all the billing and allows reporting at many levels.

Promotional Setup Rate: $1499* !!
*See Terms and Conditions

Manage Your Website Content
For a limited time, you can setup your site with the Glacier Cove Publisher™ and also the full-featured Glacier Cove Newsletter™ for only $1750 !! Contact us for details.
Posted: Aug 19, 2011 5:13 pm NFLD time