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Back-end technology is one of our specialties.

Glacier Cove offers your website the vast powers of interactive database applications. Located in Baie de Bouctouche, New Brunswick - our developers have 30+ years experience using state-of-the-art software design techniques.

Back-end technology is the behind-the-scenes functionality - 'the brain' of a site. Database technologies allow your website to display frequently changed content, without the need of a web. Employees and customers can potentially conduct their business directly through your "user-friendly" website - accessible 24 hours a day from any computer.

Our applications can allow your website to gather information from visitors, and subsequently store, process and display this data in any format that is required by your organization. Any function is possible, which might help your organization become more credible, efficient and automated.

A website featuring "dynamic content" and visitor interactivity will generate a far greater interest in your website and organization.

To Sum It All Up:

  • Customization of existing web software
  • Analysis, logical design & implementation
  • Consultations & Quotes - free-of-charge
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